Life is an endless struggle of ups and downs... until you find the right hairstylist.

Keragreen provides a wide variety of Organic Hair Products and a Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Smoothing Treatment which will restore you hair, eliminate the frizz and bring it back to life.

Keragreen Keratin & Protein Hair System is the only complete hair restoration program that addresses all areas of concern with traditional Keratin treatments through the use of organic, non-toxic ingredients. Their ingredients set them apart from all other keratin hair treatments in the market and make them relevant in a time when “Green is In”.

Keragreen's exclusive formulation of organic and natural ingredients sets them apart from all other keratin treatments on the market. The active components in their products help control frizzy, coarse and unmanageable hair with the aid of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as well as other ingredients. Their Keragreen Smoothing Treatment allows for your hair to be restored to its ultimate healthy state and continue to be beautiful with reduced frizz and added shine and manegability for up to 4 months. Go green with Keragreen!